A Festival For Friends


Moonbass — the event and the idea — happens because some very special people live in a dream world where the impractical becomes practical for two weeks of the year.  Help keep this impractical dream world alive by purchasing your official Moonbass ticket!

What’s the Cost of Moonbass?


For those that are willing, a larger contribution to Moonbass would help us TREMENDOUSLY to cover the cost of underestimated expenses. To date, Moonbass Festivals have all been in the red. As a community, we hope to start pushing this festival closer towards a sustainable future. We love you and thank you :)

Can't afford Moonbass? No worries! Reach out to our Mission Commander, Michael Moore (Moonbassfestival@gmail.com), and we will formulate a plan that launches you to the Moon.

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Here's how to pay:

Choose a payment option below! After payment is received we'll send you a confirmation email closer to the event with the deets! Love you!

Square Cash

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Venmo @etchyrock

Budget Breakdown

Moonbass is expensive yo!

Numbers reflect prior Moonbass costs with updated predictions.