For all the amazing friends that have been to the Moon, and to those that haven't made it yet.

Why do we do it?  Well, it all comes down to a, 4 dreams!


1. Expand and strengthen the Moonfamily

It's a rare treat when we get to see all our friends in one place at the same time, and even rarer when we get to make a bunch of new ones. What better excuse than a trip to the moon for some dancing and late-night hi-jinx? 


2. Build rad stages with radder audiences

We all knew it, but we're a damn talented group of people! Whether your passion is a running cocktail bar or a DJ booth, we want to give you the most awesome canvas to paint your creativity on. And, you can be sure you're gonna have the best audience to party with.

What do we do? Well, we perform, we drink, we talk, we launch rockets, we cook food, we goof off, we sing, we dance tango, we play games, we put on light shows, we build, we tear-down, and we leave no trace!


3. Acknowledge (but ignore!) our maturity

Believe it or not, we're responsible adults now. That doesn't mean we can't build forts, play dress up, or eat cookies for breakfast. MoonBass is our recess - but now we're old enough to build a bigger playground.


4. Bring it all home

The Moonfam doesn't just come together once a year - we're here for you year-round. Need a couch to crash on? A travel buddy? Someone to talk to? We are real, we're your best friends. If we can make an awesome weekend happen, we can do anything together.


We <3 you Moonfam